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I Direct theater as VISUAL art.

Theater is a time art, using visual elements such as line and texture in every aspect. I come from a visual arts background and treat directing as the manipulation of visual elements to create a curated experience for an audience.


 My work takes pleasure in the creative process. I love coming to a production with my own visions and ideas and shaping them with the contributions of the actors and the design team. The collaborative process is what makes our industry flourish; I get a lot of enjoyment out of watching a project take shape with the combined light from everyone involved. 

I enjoy directing work that celebrates human connection and criticizes what prevents it from thriving. Be it a Shakespeare comedy or a new work with the playwright fiercely in the room with us, my theater involves the audience in an irreplicable experience. I aim to question authority, revel in the mundane and exalt the underrepresented voices of queer and trans people.

Reading of Novena by Scott Carter Cooper,

Chicago Dramatists


By Yazmina Reza
Part of Climate Change Theater Action: A Festival of International Theater
November 2019 at The Martin

In rehearsal. 

From L-R: Ricky Jay, Melodi Thomas, Athanasia Sawicz

In Tech at The Martin.

From L-R: Ricky Jay, Athanasia Sawicz, Melodi Thomas

god of carnage

Written by Yazmina Reza and Translated by Christopher Hampton
A Directing III Project
March 2018 at The Classic Studio, Columbia College Chicago

the art of watchability

Written by Ted Dayton
LoudMouth Presents: Mouthing Off
August 2017 at Mary's Attic

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